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The Tree Change Cop

For fun and a change of pace, I have started writing a story about a policeman who leaves the city and takes up a position in a very small country town. As always, there is a hint, or perhaps a good dose, of romance. But this story will be as much a comedy as a drama. So, if you can't find something in a comedy, drama, romance set in the country, I really can't help you.

Roger Murphy, 'Spud', to his nearest and dearest, is a super conscientious cop. He's a little hapless, and he's always just one step away from disaster. After things go horribly wrong during an arrest in the city, and Roger ends up in hospital, he is relieved to find his application for a tree change has been accepted.

Arriving in the fictional town of Dorset, he meets Tess, the owner of the local coffee shop and an attractive single mum. They quickly strike up a friendship.

Although Dorset is just a small country town, there is more than enough action to keep one cop busy. Roger quickly becomes part of the fabric of the Dorset community. Among the more routine police matters, his first big mystery walks through the door of the police station on day one.

This is a work in progress, so I am just getting to know the characters as I write, and so far, I really like Roger and Tess. He seems like the sort of bloke you'd like as a good mate, and maybe, just maybe, Tess is the answer to his relationship woes.

As with my other books, my characters and the story develops largely through conversations. I want my characters to sound and be as natural as possible so my readers can really imagine and believe in the scene.

Also, as with other stories I write, I have no idea where this is going and where it will end, so it is exciting to write and just watch the story unfold.

I hope this novel will be published not too long after Christmas. At the same time, I will be writing another chapter of the Sutherland’s story.


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